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Box hedges are a timeless way of providing definition within the garden. They can divide garden areas, form borders or simply provide a contrasting foliage or a low screen. They can be trimmed to any shape and are excellent topiary subjects. Their dense, dark green foliage will grow to near soil level and the plants will live for tens of years without outgrowing their location. Our high quality plants are ground grown in the rich red soil of the Yarra Valley. Their ample foliage and strong root systems enable them to establish themselves quickly in your garden. We specialise in growing buxus sempervirens (English Box). We also have some buxus suffruticosa (dwarf, slow-growing variety) available.

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From the left: a plant suitable for a sphere, 250mm x 500mm and a Dutch Box plant


Talk to Craig to discuss your landscape needs and obtain advice on your selection of sizes and varieties.


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