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Camellias are hardy, versatile plants which can be used in a variety of locations to enhance your garden. They can be used as hedges for partitioning garden rooms, screening along walls to provide the perception of an ongoing garden vista, or as accents. The variety of shades and flower types means that you can find a suitable camellia for any application. They prefer some afternoon shade, but will tolerate sun if watered well. Feeding with camellia food after flowering will improve growth and appearance. They also prefer an acidic soil, so you may find that it is necessary to decrease the pH in some areas.

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We have Japonica, Sasanqua and Hybrid varieties available. Our Camellias are ground grown in root control bags (shown above cut away) to minimize transplant shock. We have a range of colours with double or single flowers. Please enquire regarding varieties currently selling. Our prices are unbeatable on well-established, full-bodied plants.


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